Recipe Submission for Living Jin Agar

As I was exploring food ideas for rebEarth, I came across Living Jin’s brand of agar agar, or kanten in Japanese. I chose this brand of agar because it is single sourced from non-gmo red algae, 100% natural, vegan, gluten free, sugar free, kosher, halal certified, and ISO certified, making it the ideal project for the development of conscious foods.

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Originally testing it for fruit caviar, I began playing with it in jams, and vegan zephyr. As I was posting images and recipes on my personal Instagram, @linden_erin, Living Jin came across some of my posts using their agar powder and asked if I would participate in creating an agar agar cook book with nine other chefs.

This couldn’t have been more perfect timing as I was already invested in the creation of a dish using their product for an upcoming event.

The creation of the White Chocolate Cloud Spheres became a multi-purposed investment of my creativity. Inspired by rebEarth for an event and documented as my first cook book submission.

None of this would have happened without Edward Travi, creator of rebEarth, and Vianney Lopez, videographer. I am so honored to be apart of this collaboration with Living Jin, I cannot wait for the book to be published on Amazon. I was told the book will be a series of agar agar cook books focused on vegan and vegetarian recipes all using agar. Hopefully I will be invited to join them with the other chefs for the creation of future book!

You can find more information on the White Chocolate Cloud Spheres on the recipe category of this blog, or on amazon for the Living Jin cook book.

This recipe is a very fun activity for kids, as it involves painting with chocolate and being as creative as you can imagine with colors and designs. I do however recommend adults sealing the deal on the formation of these sphere, for the process must be done quickly to avoid them melting in your hands. Just in case they do melt in your hands, you may as well enjoy licking them clean and enjoying the process! And you definitely will have leftover marshmallows to enjoy by themselves, in hot chocolate, or scorched on s’mores.

Photo taken for Living Jin Agar
Photo taken for Living Jin Agar

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