About The Conscious Table

The Conscious Table, a blog representing the knowledge, skills, and relationships discovered along a path that leaves no footprints.

What is meant by “a path that leaves no footprints” is: this is a documentation of the journey of the soul and the encounters that have brought oneness into becoming. A culmination of the infinite connections that bring us together for the collective experience. Let us make life a little easier by understanding the finite elements at work for cycles of infinite abundance in the aspects of life.

The intention of The Conscious Table is to be a resource for consciousness, community, and collaboration. Most of the information you will find here will be centered around food and related topics, covering things such as: recipes (for adults and kids), recipes suitable for those with (dis)abilities, cooking videos, discussion topics around health, wellness, disease, permaculture, sustainability, local resources, interviews with conscious businesses, artists, service providers, family, and culture. Another feature of the blog will be live food and talk events, collaborating with local artists and entrepreneurs to create food inspired by their work. Please contact The Conscious Table if you are interested in a collaboration!

Current collaborations that make this blog possible:

Vianney Lopez – videography ig: @earthlywalksoflife

Edward Travi – music composition ig: @edward.travi

About the Author

Linden Erin, the founder of The Conscious Table, decided to create this blog after many years as a health foods chef as a way to share the knowledge discovered along her journey.

Her journey into food and health started in childhood, as Linden and her family struggled with chronic illness. After spending much of her childhood years preparing for a career in biology and medicine, in her second semester of college she decided to switch gears and go to culinary school in order to impact people’s daily lives by making healthy eating desirable and delicious. At age 19, Linden began working with gyms and athletes until the age of 23, when she decided to switch gears. Feeling it was time for something new, she tried her hand at farm to table catering for uniquely inspire and personalized events as well as teaching children ages 3-18, including those with special needs, autism, and delayed motor skill development. After teaching and catering for several years, Linden decided to start taking private clients again, focusing on disease management and the reversal of symptoms. She did this while working part time at various food establishment before switching over to a full time personal chef with a focus on nutrition and disease management.

Journey with Chronic Illness:
Chronic illnesses certainly makes a significant impact on families when one or both of the parents and children are sick. Linden can speak from personal experience: before puberty, she had spent countless nights unable to sleep from immense bone and joint pain. “Growing pains” that are so severe that your child cries and can’t sleep at night is NOT a normal occurrence in childhood development. In her lifetime she has experienced chicken pox twice, and mononucleosis multiple times with two relapses. At the age of 8, her mother contracted human parvo b19 and was later diagnosed with fibromyalgia. If any of you guys know anything about how invisible illness impacts a life, you’ll understand what this means for a family. For those of you who are just beginning to experience chronic illness and are at a loss for what to do, hopefully this blog will help provide some guidance and answers to some questions you may have. Those of you who are seeking compassion for life circumstances, may you find what you need here as well.
By the age of 12, while her father worked overtime and sometimes secretly two jobs during the holidays to make sure they would be okay, Linden began preparing dinner for her family every night. On top of taking over dinner duties, she would help make sure her two younger brothers packed their lunches for school, did their homework, taught how to do chores and did them, maintained A’s & B’s, took advanced courses (and sometimes zero hour courses), and extracurricular activities. Quite a lot of pressure for a young person, but at the time she didn’t realize it.
By the time she was in high school, her doctors were at a loss of what to do about the symptoms she was experiencing. After many tests, MRI’s, and X-rays, her symptoms were dismissed with the label of fibromyalgia. Many of the prescription medications were ineffective, and left her to either skip school from the pain or to excuse herself from the classroom from being nauseous from medication. It did not take long for her to decide to go for a more holistic approach.
At age 18, Linden decided to openly tell her doctor that she was no longer interested in medications and made The Conscious decision with her doctor to not claim a medical diagnosis out of fear of how that may limit her future.
After graduating culinary school at 20, and experiencing the pain of testing so many low quality foods that effected the quality of life she was experiencing, Linden was now in a position to take her health into her own hands.
She then began the process of an elimination diet to figure out the most optimal foods for her body and symptom management.
This led her to the path of a high raw vegan diet that was nightshade free with minimal grains and legumes. Making it a lifestyle habit to soak, germinate, or sprout nuts, seeds, and legumes that were consumed. She lived this way for many years, but still did not have the strength to work out (even though she worked at one of the top gyms in Houston) without suffering from intense nerve pain, muscle spasms, and muscle stiffness for days. At the age of 22, after collapsing in the hallway in her apartment, her roommate offered her supplements that she had been turning down for months due to skepticism and pride.
This encounter forever changed her life and was the beginning of a relationship with her current partners in business and collaboration with doctors who specialize in plant derived nutrition.

Now twenty seven, Linden is still balancing environmental factors with symptom management. Due to the challenges of moving, travel, and her private clients, she can no longer claim the label of veganism. However, she does maintain a primarily plant based flexitarian lifestyle with positive relationships with local farmers to meet her client’s needs. Linden is now much better off than in her childhood and has the freedom to explore life without immense suffering. She has found life beyond the limitations of disease, finding liberation in a life that no longer holds her in a flesh prison. As for her family’s health, it is still an ongoing journey down the path of betterment. Hopefully the experiences shared on The Conscious Table can help other families down their own path to betterment.

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