The Hippiest of Breads: Baking with Friends

This past Tuesday, my lovely and talented chef friend Libby and I decided to get together for me to teach her a bread recipe I learned from a lady we had worked with many years ago. And we were blessed by a surprise visit by another amazing lady chef friend, Jess, who was visiting from the next city over.

Now, about this bread!

This bread was inspired by the dear Ms. “Honey Bee” Melissa. My favorite renegade Canadian who was visiting Texas bringing in a wave of health food goodness with her daughter (who runs a successful business in San Antonio, Tim the Girl & The Good Kind).

This bread, for sure is the hippiest of all breads I have ever made. Years ago I was asked to learn how to make this bread with Melissa so that I could record a recipe. At the time I did successfully record the recipe, gave it to her daughter, and replicated it using the recipe….but do I remember it?

Heck no!

What I do remember is the feel of the recipe. The sponginess of the starter, and gently working in globs of starter on a pile of flour, nuts, and seeds in order to avoid a goopy mess…..which is so hard. Ha!

The excessive kneading, the work out, fold after fold, until the dough feels so thick and dense that it feels like pressing on the pad of your thumb on an outstretched hand…

Ah! One long loaf down…three more to go! Thankfully Jess played the role of bread baking party entertainer. Mixing up mocktails and music to get us through this work out. Needless to say she was perfectly okay watching. “Mix a bunch of stuff together until it feels right, noted,” she said as she bypassed the offer to make a loaf. We let the bread rise for about 30 minutes while we worked on the next loaves.

Into the oven they go! I really don’t know how long they baked…like I said…hippie methods. The bread is done when it is done, sounds hollow when you tap it and feels crusty.

So….maybe an hour later…

First round of bread done! Whew! Hard work, and I was 48 hours fasted!

We kneaded the remaining dough, set it aside, and decided it was break time. Stepping out into the garden for fresh air and to harvest random garden bits to whip up into a well earned meal, I was pleased to see Libby had this cute little gnome watching us from the garden bed post.

I honestly wasn’t feeling too hungry and my intentions were to do a 72 hour fast, but after my very talented friends started making vegan tostadas with a hominy chili, mashed avocado, and a slaw whipped up from ingredients from the garden….my heart was telling me I wouldn’t get a chance like this to eat food made with so much love from people who care deeply about food like this any time soon. I couldn’t resist. I indulged without taking any photos.

I left that night with a full belly of vegan food, a full heart of love, and 2 very large loaves of Health Nut Bread. One ended up more bready and large, perfect for breakfast. The other was mini sized and extra dense with nuts and seeds, perfect for snacking…or some high quality butter, fig preserves, and a sprinkle of sea salt. Oh! I failed to mention this bread falls into the s.o.s. safe zone with no salt, oil, or sugar. None the less, it is very delicious with a sprinkle of Himalayan salt.

I shouldn’t eat bread, though I am awful at resisting, especially when it is so delicious, made with love, organic sprouted wheat, and a variety of organic nuts and seeds.

I was thankful to have the opportunity to gift this bread to people like the food faerie I always am. Some went to Rebecca, the dog nanny whisperer extraordinaire. Some went to Edward, the mostly vata music man dedicating his work to Earth. And some went to Mr. Jason, the peach colored, bearded, and nice teacher for teacher appreciation week (I used the description from the five year old I know in his class! Hahaha!)

Spring Actvities for Kids

Spring is here! And what better are activities that are budget friendly and allergy friendly?!

This spring, mom’s, dad’s, aunt’s, uncle’s, older siblings, and cousins can enjoy these simple activities with the children in our lives.

The first fun activity is making little baskets from toilet paper rolls, glue, and burlap. Be sure to save one or two toilet paper rolls for the next activity!

To make one basket you will:

  • Cut four toilet paper rolls in half length wise, then cut each of those halves in half length wise
  • Weave 3×3 squares and glue to secure. Make 3.
  • Use one square as the base. The other two squares will be cut in half to create the sides of the basket.
  • You should have 1 quarter of a toilet paper roll left. Use this to create the binding seems to glue each piece together.
  • Use a piece of burlap, fabric, or an additional toilet paper roll to glue or staple a handle to the basket
  • Once the glue is dry, it is ready to paint!

Use the basket to hold spring celebration goodies or surprises from a scavenger hunt! A shout out to Inspired Wraps for picture credit and inspiring this craft idea! Click the finished basket picture to be directed to their etsy or check them out on Instragram @inspiredwraps

The second activity is to make a paper mache flower vase using:

  • a lightly inflated balloon: the lightly inflated balloon to seal in the air, cut the band of the balloon tie off. Tuck the tied end into the balloon until you feel the knot on the other side of the balloon. Tie the end of the balloon where you feel the knot inside of the top of the aloof to create a donut shape
  • half of a toilet paper roll
  • Liquid white glue (elmers)
  • News paper
  • White tissue paper
  • Low odor acrylic paint
  • Paint brushes

WikiHow has great step by step instructions:âché-Vase

The final activity to do is to make these dairy free almond flour cookies modified from a paleo pie crust recipe.

With the addition of a chocolate egg or Unreal chocolate gem on top these cookies are so delicious and a worry free teat to indulge in.

Recipe: Almond Flour Cookies