Journeys of the Soul: Poetry – Love like Seasons

The energies of this most recent full moon in Scorpio have hit me hard in my feelings and the re-establishment of boundaries with people who are close to me.

Today as I was staring into the clear golden liquid of a free range chicken, mushroom, and leek bone broth, skimming the impurities, I felt inspired to write about how the love I have experienced is much like the seasons I have come to love in the hill country of Texas.

And it also seems that ‘seemingly’ is the word of the day. (Ha! Without even trying, until just a moment ago, I have been typing and saying this word all day!)

As nothing is as what it seems, and the waves of life often come in hidden messages and metaphors, I hope you enjoy these poems on the seasons (of love)

This series of poems is titled “Love like Seasons”

1. Love like Seasons

A love like seasons

Of the Texas Hill Country

Seemingly fickle

Capricious in all seasons

Except the brazen summer

2. Brazen is the Season

Steadfast is Summer

Frangible weather is through

Just paving the way

For a new season of growth

Burning hot with a passion

3. After Summer

Erratic Autumn

Variable like Spring

Sporadic Relief

With Wild rain and untamed wind

Enfolded and slaked dry grounds

4. Ephemeral Winter

Oh fleetingly so

Evanescent winter greets

With just a few days

Galid, do the tree limbs creak

Rapidly thawing to heat.

5. When the torrent fades

Wild blossoms flourish

Scattered by wind, birds, and bees

Speckle fields of green

Sun-kissed flowers so gratis

Radiant, wild, giddy…

Journeys of the Soul: My First Reiki Experience


I have always been rather private about my spiritual practice, but as of late I have felt the need to have a more public and community based practice. For months now I have been attending group meditations. I have been experiencing a powerful energetic shift, and the energy has been coming in more intensely lately, making me more aware of blockages and trauma. I felt it was time to seek assistance in the form of reiki, and my dear friend Victor came to mind.

The session was very intense for us both.

I laid down on the table and closed my eyes, allowing the process to begin. I didn’t open my eyes to actually see what Victor was doing, opening myself to fully embrace a place of presence and awareness of the flow of energy, going into a meditative state. My crown, hands, and feet started buzzing, and I was keenly aware of my heart beating a steady, even pace in my chest.

Crystals were placed in my hands, over my abdomen, and on my third eye. Over the session the perfervid energy building in my hands was generating quite a bit of heat as we worked on the front side of the energy vortexes within my body.

The color of each chakra filled my vision as we worked on each one with a river of light flowing and winding. Colors, like the rainbow, were exploding like flowers bursting into existence. Images of faces and containers would come and go.

I went in to the session aware of energetic adjustments needing to occur in my heart chakra, already forgotten or dismissed issues I can recall noting in my root and throats chakras and they were all interconnected.

Victor went on to describe (after the session) a heavy masculine energy pressing on the right side of my throat, linked to the right side of my heart chakra area that was causing a pinch in my left shoulder blade, followed by a blockage in my root and how a strong feminine presence had entered the space. Thank you Amelia, my spirit guide. I had been aware of a masculine energetic presence holding me back in regards to my throat chakra for quite some time from an era before the birth of this life, manifesting some unsavory experiences for lessons I needed for growth in this life…and it was time to release it for good. I feel I was drawn to have the session for this purpose.

With the energy in my crown, third eye, solar plexus, and sacral chakras blasting with energy (intensely so, even for Victor), after he assisted in the clearing of old negative energies (which some I recognized from past lives manifesting in this one), the river in my vision flowed so much brighter, so much lighter, so much wider.

So much physical healing occurred in this session. Immediately the pain was gone in my left shoulder blade, and knots released in my neck and shoulders. I also noticed an increase in flexibility, and the openness of my root chakra allowed me to relax much better than I had in a while. Not since I had taken plant medicine, if I recall correctly, and that is something I seldom do since it is a sacred experience for me. Might I mention, I had also been 36 hours into a fasted state during the session.

In the time following the session, I noticed increased awareness and acute sensitivity. Things I had been meaning to talk about and discuss could no longer be pushed back for a better time. The better time was now. My words flow, my feelings flow, my dreams flow, the manifestation flows. Victor has expressed to me he had visions of abundance, career success, and celebration. I know it is coming and I am finding myself enjoying every part of the process.