Journeys of the Soul: Poetry – Love like Seasons

The energies of this most recent full moon in Scorpio have hit me hard in my feelings and the re-establishment of boundaries with people who are close to me.

Today as I was staring into the clear golden liquid of a free range chicken, mushroom, and leek bone broth, skimming the impurities, I felt inspired to write about how the love I have experienced is much like the seasons I have come to love in the hill country of Texas.

And it also seems that ‘seemingly’ is the word of the day. (Ha! Without even trying, until just a moment ago, I have been typing and saying this word all day!)

As nothing is as what it seems, and the waves of life often come in hidden messages and metaphors, I hope you enjoy these poems on the seasons (of love)

This series of poems is titled “Love like Seasons”

1. Love like Seasons

A love like seasons

Of the Texas Hill Country

Seemingly fickle

Capricious in all seasons

Except the brazen summer

2. Brazen is the Season

Steadfast is Summer

Frangible weather is through

Just paving the way

For a new season of growth

Burning hot with a passion

3. After Summer

Erratic Autumn

Variable like Spring

Sporadic Relief

With Wild rain and untamed wind

Enfolded and slaked dry grounds

4. Ephemeral Winter

Oh fleetingly so

Evanescent winter greets

With just a few days

Galid, do the tree limbs creak

Rapidly thawing to heat.

5. When the torrent fades

Wild blossoms flourish

Scattered by wind, birds, and bees

Speckle fields of green

Sun-kissed flowers so gratis

Radiant, wild, giddy…